Our company, which has been doing plastic production in 1989, is based on end-user satisfaction in all its works. Trust in the sector produces solutions in the direction of consumers' desires by offering a combination of quality and aesthetics. SE-BA Plastik produces solutions with its professional staff, both corporate and personal designs, and with a unique service approach. SE-BA Plastik has a separate place with its services in its own sector and its reflection on contemporary business concept, without compromising its values, taking into account sector needs and quality business understanding.
Our vision:
Our goals for the future ... Providing unparalleled competitive advantage to our customers who offer groundbreaking innovations, tolumun is a proven talent world that is able to solve sectoral problems and establish sustainable value.
Our values;
We aim at highest performance and future by keeping privacy at the highest level with the highest ethical values ??and customer relationships.
Ethical and responsible behavior!
High performance and excellent results!
Innovative to create sustainable value! As an organization that is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to the economy of the country and attaches great importance to the environment and human beings; We will continue to serve you without compromising corporate integrity or deviating from its goals.